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The Queen Who Banished Bugs

A charming tale of bees, butterflies, ants and other pollinators, beautifully illustrated by Mary Ferris Kelly

The Queen Who BAnished Bugs - a tale of bees, butterflies, ants and other pollinators

The Queen Who Banished Bugs

What happens when Queen Libertine banishes the bug that bit her? Along with every other bee, butterfly and important pollinator in the kingdom of Dunce? 

She soon realizes the zillions of teeny tiny creatures that flitter all over the earth have important word to do ~ including fertilizing plants so that they grow the fruits and veggies we need. Missing her coffee, almonds, watermelon and strawberries, Queen throws a gigantic temper tantrum that is heard all over the world! King Claude is terrified, quaking in his boots at her rage.

Things were dire, King Claude did not doubt it ~

but dare he dare do something about it?

Find out if poor King Claude has what it takes to save the day, and how he does it!

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