Making Arrangements a novel

Making Arrangements by Ferris Robinson

"If you are looking for a mixture of heartbreak and humor, delve into Ferris Robinson's Making Arrangements, a beautifully written family drama sprinkled with scenes of hilarity." Alice Smith, author of Rhythm of Stillness

Dogs and Love ~ Stories of Fidelity

dogs and love new cover

Dogs and Love - Stories of Fidelity is a mere 41 pages and it will take less than an hour to read, but each essay will stay with you deep in your heart for hours, days, months, and years ~ just like a cherished dog."

Rebeca Schiller - Alvah's Books

Mothers and Sons ~ Stories of Love


"Raising children is the most important job parents will ever have, and Ms. Robinson's collection of true-to-life snippets are written with humor and heart." Amazon reviewer

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Part II in the Pollinator Series for Children, If Bugs Were Banished

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The Bees Knees ~ cool stuff about bees, butterflies, moths, ants and other pollinators

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If You Build It, We Will Come

how to make your corner of the world irresistible to bees, butterflies and other pollinators.